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Newpets Partners in the field of conservation is a community of not indifferent people and organizations that unite forces to create a brighter future for wildlife, people and Ukraine. By pooling your contributions with the contributions of other partners, you are more influential in helping Newpets deal with some of the most pressing environmental issues of our time: climate change, extinction of wildlife, forest loss, pollution of the seas and recycling of garbage.

As a conservation partner, you make it possible to protect and expand nature conservation areas in Ukraine, while preserving the last endangered animals and marine life.


Together with your help, we are creating initiatives to provide grants and jobs to Ukrainians in the field of environmental protection, we are increasing the scale of our fund's activities, choosing the best ideas that will help stabilize the ecosystem of our country.


All this is a direct reflection of the massive efforts needed to reverse the situation. Newpets believes in a future in which nature and humanity coexist in harmony. And we not only think that these actions can be done, but firmly believe that this must be done to ensure the long-term survival of rare species and vital ecosystems for us.


An annual gift of $ 1,000 + or a monthly commitment of $ 100 +, you share a closer relationship with Newpets and have a greater impact on protecting threatened wildlife, exceptional places and creating innovative solutions.


85% of Newpets expenses are spent on conservation activities in Ukraine

Please email us at to talk with the Partners team.


Newpets is constantly looking for leaders in their fields from conservation, ecology, research and technology. Our grantees create solutions for Ukraine's healthier and more sustainable future, using for this purpose some of the most vital scientific innovations of our time.

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