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Working with Newpets.

Together we can change Ukraine for the better

What is Newpets?

Simply put, we are an international charity fund, focusing our activities to address some of the most urgent environmental problems of our time: climate change, extinction of wildlife, forest loss, pollution of the seas and recycling of garbage.

Through initiatives to provide grants and jobs to Ukrainians in the field of environmental protection, we are increasing the scale of our fund's activities, choosing the best ideas that will help stabilize the ecosystem of our country. We at Newpets believe in a future in which nature and humanity coexist in harmony.

For more information about our most important milestones, please visit the Newpets Timeline.

Where is Newpets?

Headquarters of Newpets is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. But Newpets is an international charitable foundation in which the majority of team members work remotely from all points of Ukraine, as well as on diasporas around the world. We collaborate remotely with tools such as Slack, Asana, G Suite and Basecamp, and meet at least once a year personally.

Open Roles

Executive Director

We are looking for an executive director capable of changing the opinion of Ukrainians towards philanthropy and activism. A person who is able to influence decision-makers and the public on the most pressing environmental problems. Primary in your personality - the ability to achieve in any way the goals of protecting the environment, the application of effective approaches to the preservation of the environment and the creation of new philanthropic models.

Director of Innovation, Media & Technology

Newpets keeps pace with the times and has its fans in almost all modern social platforms. We need a person who is able to manage and introduce innovative solutions in the web resources and social media of our foundation, advertising materials and various initiatives and projects that support the promotion of key social and environmental problems.

Senior Counsel

On we take the laws of Ukraine and their observance very seriously. On the place of a senior legal adviser, we see a person who knows thoroughly the environmental law, which supports the development and implementation of software investment solutions for some of the most urgent environmental problems of our time: climate change, extinction of wildlife, forest loss, pollution of the seas and recycling of garbage.

Director of Innovative Partnerships

Newpets needs a person capable of developing both external partnerships with the diasporas, as well as internal partnerships throughout Ukraine, which strengthen the environmental mission of Newpets. For this position, a person who is thoroughly knows environmental policy, non-profit management, development of partnerships and cooperation between various stakeholders in the field of environmental protection is desirable.

Digital Asset Manager

We at Newpets constantly conduct field research of Ukrainian biosphere reserves. A wide variety of flora and fauna from these reserves we publish on our platforms and web resources. Our collection of photos and videos should be constantly systematized. We need a person organized and goal-oriented, able to constantly  transferring, organizing and managing existing assets, as well as establishing workflows for on-going operations.

Graphic/Web Designer

We believe that high-quality visual effects on our website have forces that change people's opinion for the better. In Newpets, we collected a lot of visual assets (photo, video and design), but much remains to be done. We are looking for a specialist who is ready to put his soul into this matter. Web design and graphic design in Newpets is a terrific opportunity to work in a young international fund, with the aim to inspire Ukrainians with a sense of empathy for these amazing animals, whose number decreases every day.


Our photos are our main force for influence. We are looking for a person who is able to notice everything in Ukraine: from countless landfills to the amazing beauty of the disappearing amphibians. All these photos are the main goal on the way to creating the most powerful social networking platform for onservation and introducing innovations in Ukraine.

E-commerce Manager

Newpets is expanding into the product to help develop our community and raise awareness about our mission. Your responsibilities will include managing our store for support, including basic design and development of the site, ongoing analytical reports and your vision of an e-commerce strategy, finding sustainable and environmentally friendly materials for products, continually developing co-branded product opportunities.

Social Media Manager

Newpets publishes posts several times a day for 3 main accounts (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) and one account on the YouTube video platform. We coordinate the work with a network of partners with a wide reach of subscribers. We are looking for an incredibly organized and motivated Social Media Manager to create the most powerful platform in Ukraine for preserving the environment.

Web Developer

Newpets is the first international charitable foundation in Ukraine with a pronounced scientific activity. Our website is visited by millions of Ukrainians around the world, so our website and page of online donations should correspond to the status of the fund. We need experienced developers who want to create tools that will be used by a huge audience to create a progressive and ecological future. We love a little cooperation and also need constant work in the field of development.

Video Editor

We in Newpets have an archive of videos shot on the territory of our reserves and seas. We have countless amazing videos, which require a huge amount of time to process. We believe that together we can change Ukraine for the better, that's why we need people who are able to make the video live, overflowing with empathy for the wildlife. We are looking for additional experienced video editors, as well as students who want to learn.


In Newpets Foundation we have a constant flow of messages on all social platforms. We are always looking for good writers with experience in the field of conservation and innovative solutions for the continuous updating of text messages for the target pages of the website, social media captions, research of our foundation and updates of newsletters.



Newpets is currently looking for the best talent in its fields to join our University Program. Our year-round program offers an unprecedented opportunity to become part of a community of caring people and organizations that join forces to create a brighter future for wildlife, people and Ukraine and help us become closer to realizing solutions to some of the most pressing environmental problems of our time. We are looking for brave people who share our passion for conservation, research and science and who want to help spread our mission and become an integral part of the success of our foundation.

Open Positions:

  • Administrative

Become a part of staff at Newpets offices with answering phones, data entry, filing and other general office work.

  • Animal Care Technician

Your opportunity to try yourself in our backstage area with the help of animal husbandry and care for endangered species of animals both in the reserves and in our vivariums and aviaries in the cities.

  • Field Studies Technician

This seasonal position is available from March to November. Help the field research department to continuously study the populations of endangered animals on site and their migration. This includes visual censuses.

  • Bird Trainer

Your opportunity to try yourself as a trainer for the Project Corvids in our aviary in Kyiv.

  • Laboratory Assistant

We provide an opportunity to show yourself as a laboratory assistant. This includes visual inspection and recording of each experimental model.

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